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Design Tips

Today, web design is an incredible opportunity and is the branch of design that evolves faster. So, if you want to devote yourself to web design; Below, we offer a series of tips (by way of commandments), so you can get an efficient web design.

So that the post is not too tedious to read, we will offer these commandments in two entries so that you can better assimilate the information.

  1. Functionality Above All

Although the opposite is thought, web design is not only effects and animations, but it is about communicating clearly. So functionality should not be lost at any time since it depends on this that people can find the information they are looking for.

  1. Design of Websites With Reticles

When designing a website, proper structuring is also an important point. Thus, from the hierarchy of content to the order and definition of spaces, they can make a website coherent, direct, and unfettered. In this way, it is best to consider a series of tools to use reticles in your designs.

  1. Do Not Use Flash

The appearance of mobile devices comes to mean the end of the development of Flash for the web and that Flash can be a series of inconveniences for web design; Although, the truth is that, now, everything indicates that HTML should be used.

  1. Do Not Use Tables

Initially, the tables can meet the expectations of “web design,” although the truth is that it is an outdated solution and a headache for designers. So the use of tables should only be used to tabulate data.

  1. Sketch Before Using The Computer

When planning a web design, it is best to sketches beforehand in pencil and paper, and, in this way, you will be able to clarify your structuring perspective and establish the guidelines of your design without having to resort to effects or tools of the computer.