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Corporate Design

What Is a Corporate Design?

Corporate Design. A positive and unambiguous image of the company. “Corporate Design” encompasses the communication and design process, whose objective is to create a positive and explicit representation of the company, capable of reaching the target group in all its splendor.

A Picture is Better Than a Thousand Words

The design should occupy a relevant position in terms of company communication. The visual perception of the human being is exceptional, hence the phrase “better a picture than a thousand words.” An image draws much more attention and is retained in memory for much longer than any text, however simple it may be.

The Objective of Corporate Design

The corporate design aims to create, through design, an ideal and exclusive image that has an excellent capacity for evocation and which in turn, remains identifiable at first sight.

Corporate Design Requirements

A functional aspect must meet the following criteria:

  • Attention value
  • Conciseness
  • Autonomy
  • Recognition
  • Longevity
  • Variations and modernization
  • Esthetic Emotional control

The components of corporate design are a logo, colors, and typography.

Criteria For Creating A Corporate Design

Before carrying out the process of designing a corporate identity of a company, we must take into account and study the following points:

  • How are we going to improve the functions and performance through design and external aesthetics?
  • We must try to create a plan, as beautiful and ergonomic as possible.
  • The entity itself, the company, must open the market by itself, not pursue it.
  • Know how to signal the level of custom or adaptation of the identity that it seeks and that it intends to settle. The product, by itself, already provides information.
  • The achievement of the image that moves the product. The product itself has its image and is classified into certain groups within the consumer society.

Corporate Identity Definition

Corporate equivalent to associate, collective, equal. It is a set of unified elements between them. That is, they all create a total unity.

  • Corporate Identity: It is the whole unit of unity and equality among all the elements that constitute a company. It is the unity between its inner and outer profile.
  • Corporate Design: We define as corporate design the physical representation of the concept, the idea, and the unity of unity. Graphic Design is responsible for transmitting the vision of a company through its products and corporate image.